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The Cleansing For Life Detox Programme

An all inclusive juice-based detox retreat designed for pleasure and enjoyment, located at

The Whole Health Centre London NW3

Increased energy, clearer thinking and a lighter body

Make the best of your time with on-going support, personal attention, Colonic Irrigation, Massage, Reflexology, Mindfulness Classes and Meditation.




Leading Detox Retreats for over 20 years

I have ran Cleansing for Life Detox Retreats for over two decades from Scotland to the thermale waters of the French Pyrenees

I am now focussing on my London project The Whole Health Centre

Thank you to all my loyal retreat suporters and participants. 

I look forward to seeing you in London for my 

 Urban Detox Retreat



I had a wonderful week at Anne-Lise's retreat. I totally relaxed and enjoyed the juices (delicious!), massages, natural thermal pool and the beautiful countryside. If I wanted to be on my own I could find a quiet spot to draw or read or go for a walk, or there was fantastic company to be had in the other like minded people. I made some lovely friends. The effects of clear mind, no headaches and the shedding of two kilos are still evident three months later. Can't wait to go again.

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Make your your detox a success with this winning formula:


  • Removal of foods and drinks which are likely to contain toxins and food allergens. The Cleansing for Life detox programmes use controlled feasting on pure organic vegetable juices
  • Optimal hydration with pure water; the Cleansing for Life detoxes include regular colonic irrigations using spring water and plenty of drinking fluids (vegetable juices, herbal teas, spring water, potassium broth, etc)
  • Optimal nutritional support to assist in the process of bio-transformation of toxins without causing damage and free-radical overload. Each Cleansing for Life detox retreat offers a range of optional nutritional support as well as plenty of highly nutritious, freshly prepared organic juices
  • Time away from the usual stresses and distractions to re-focus the mind and encourage healing. The Cleansing for Life detox retreats provide quiet, comfortable accommodation in a countryside setting to nourish the mind and the soul